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Chevrolet Silverado is one of the leading names in the trucking industry and is having big impression in the minds of the truck lovers. The name Silverado is having such greater emphasis as the name of Chevrolet is attached with it. The company is having huge experience of more than 90 years and still is the best part of the trucking departments. Here is the shorter summary of the model that has been welcomed quite warmly and affectionately by the truck lover, Chevy Silverado.

* The introduction

The Chevy Silverado was started in 1998 and since then the truck sales of these models has never gone down. The company is quite affirmative in the qualities of trucks and is having the exclusive and extensive range of features that can make the truck buying of the buyer successful and beneficial. This is the full sized Pickup truck with the four main trims launched along with the model GMC Sienna which is quite similar to this model just having the change of model and other factor.

* The safety features

The model is having many diverse features but among all these features and functions, the most important one is the safety feature and the performance that makes these trucks more favorite in the used trucks for sale industries. The Chevrolet Silverado is available with the standard feature of four wheel drive which indicates the stability of the trucks on any difficult and tough terrain. The ABS feature of the trucks is also quite nice and is making the trucks for sale business more strategic in front of the truck lovers. The truck is also enriched with the latest feature of StabiliTrack which makes the truck quite safer drive. The side curtains and the airbags of the trucks are available to make the insiders secured with the trims. The Frontal drive of the truck is highly rated by the safety agencies as the protection for the front seaters is highest. The Frontal passenger and the side driver of the trucks are protected with different safety features. Even in the rollover function, the trucks are having accurate performances.

* The ability of longer lastingness

The longer lastingness of the trucks is quite excellent and therefore the trucks are used for longer years and preferred by the people. Also the used Chevy trucks for sale are more popular in the trucking departments. The longer lives are the prime cause of preference in the categories of used trucks for sale and these trucks definitely fall in these sections therefore the used trucks are becoming quite popular.

*The availability of parts

The parts of these trucks are easily available and accessible which makes it quite comfortable for the used truck buyers to get the used trucks for sale smarter and better. Repairing is the biggest danger of buying the used trucks and availability of parts performs half of the job easier and makes the truck availability more desirable and dynamic.

These are some of the most common reasons that are making the used Chevy trucks and used Chevy Silverado trucks more desirable and preferred in the truck lovers.


4×4 pickup trucks is not only a good option for transportation of cargo from one place to another, its also the most stylish and convenient medium of transportation. If your business is depended on transporting good from one place to another, rather than hiring people to do it. The better idea is to invest money in buying a truck yourself.

But buying a brand new 4×4 pickup truck would be too costly; therefore, most of the people go for used 4×4 pickup trucks which are on sale. There are many used 4×4 pickup trucks waiting for you with some excellent schemes. Before buying it, there are some aspects that one should keep in mind. Here are some tips on how to find a good used 4×4 pickup truck.

1. In market of vehicles, there are many manufacturers which produce good 4×4 pickup trucks such as Dodge, Volvo, Nissan, and many others. Select your favorite brand and collect information which model suits to your need.

2. Trucks come in different sizes and features. So make sure which size, for instance mid-size, compact, you want.

3. Check the under hood of the truck. See whether the engine is clean, oil isn’t surging around the engine or milky color liquid. If the color around the engine has milky color around it, then the engine has a problem. While checking underhood of the used truck, verify the identification number as well as body number on the engine and registration papers.

4. Check how much weight it can tow. Also, the chassis is strong enough to lift the weight or not. Check the bolts of the used truck are tight or not. If chassis body is loose, it’s a bad deal.

5. The 4×4 tyres are the most important part of a pickup truck. Make sure you go for test drive in it and drive off road. The 4×4 tyres determine the performance of the truck. For instance, for city bitumen roads, the truck will need different tyres and for off-road, like into mud, clay, and sand road, the truck has different tyres with big treads on the side of the tyre to give grip on rough, uneven road.

6. Look for dents or scratches on paints on the truck or underneath, it will give you an idea how much the truck is used or knocked out. If it has a lot of dents and scratches, it is well to let go this truck.

These are few points to keep in mind before buying used 4×4 pickup trucks. These used 4×4 pickup trucks are on sale with affordable price as well as serves with full purpose.

There was a time when the Light duty trucks were rocking the market and sales. Especially, the Pickup trucks were ruling the market for years with stunning difference in sales every year. The graph of all the small truck was going upward all the time. But, recently the sales are rushing towards bottom and here are some of the figures revealed which are making the Slowdown and Depression a massive problem.

Small trucks sales

The Pickup trucks marked massive downfall of 8.6% in the last year which incurred huge loss to many of the manufacturers and models. Also the SUVs and Minivans which are called the active participant of small trucks for sale and light duty trucks, have also recorded remarkable fall of 16% and gigantic 40% in the small SUV sales. The sales figures are truly threatening.

These figures are also represented manufacturer wise
Here we can have the exact difference in the popularities and demands of some of the more popular companies and their products. Let us have glimpse of the companies who are making additions and reduction in the sales of 4×4 Pickup trucks mainly and also the other types of trucks.

General Motors

General Motors are the leading cars and truck producers. They have attained huge increase of 14.6% in the total sale between January 2009 and January 2010. This could be quite interesting as many of the companies are losing their grips in automobile sectors. But, not much is there to make happy to the truck lovers. The car sales have marked gigantic 35% increase in the sales but the light duty and small trucks are left with just 3.6% increase.

So, despite of having overall better changes, the Light duty trucks and other trucks could not perform well in the prosperity of General Motors.

Ford Motor Company

Even in the Ford Motor Company, not much of a difference is found in the overall situation. The car sales have recorded 43% increase where as the Light Duty trucks and also the Pickup trucks have managed to make the increase of merely 15%. Thus, even the Ford is not satisfied with the Light Duty trucks for sale since January 2009.

Toyota Trucks Company

Toyota Trucks are the trucks which are having bigger reputation and name in the trucks for sale industries. They are having many of the Light Duty and 4×4 Pickup trucks for sale. The Tow tucks and Dump trucks also are produced by the company. Even this company has bad news in the sales of 2009. They have incurred massive loss in both the sections of cars and trucks.

The overall decrease in the sales of total units was 16% but the sales losing of the Pickup trucks and Light duty trucks was noticed upto 30%. The huge decrease can be figured out from the fact that the sales of Imported Trucks of Toyota in January 2009 were 22,039 which fell to the bottom by 15,600. The figures only reveal that the truck industry is leading towards possible mess in the future.

These were just the samples of what the data suggests of these three companies in their Light Duty or even the small duty trucks sections. They are forcing us to think further on the truck sales.