Semi Trucks are the articulated vehicles that are having a towing engine that can carry on the freight. These Semi trucks and trailers are quite popular and basic requirements of the world. There are many of the industries that are having exclusive and extensive utilities that can be fulfilled only by the Semi Trucks. There are many of the types of these Semi trucks that are also called as articulated trucks. The prime types of Semi Trucks are Box Trucks, Refrigerator Trucks, Flatbed Trucks and also the Lowboy Trucks. These Trucks are quite in demands and also there are many of the manufacturers who are making one of the largest trucking types of the world. Here we have gathered some of the top most truck manufacturers who are having highly qualified engineers and supreme technology to build these longest and heaviest truck types in USA. Let us have a glimpse of Top 3 manufacturers who are contributing highest to the semi trucks for sale business in USA.

American Coleman

American Coleman is the name that is flying in the skies of Semi Trucks and other heavy duty trucks of America. The Class 8 trucks are the special specialties of the company. The model of semi truck was introduced in 1960s and was one of the rare kinds of trucks that were used for making the transportation process of industries progressive. This truck was also called as Space Star truck in the truck lovers. This company is having brighter records in selling semi truck and class 8 truck models in America

Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner Trucks are the trucks that are having amazing record of making trucks since 1942 and are the leaders of truck manufacturing in Class 8 diesel trucks and also in making the Medium Duty trucks of Class 5 to 7. The company is having larger share in the North American Truck sales and also is having huge employee numbers as much as 24,000. The Freightliner Semi trucks are quite popular in the heavy truck requiring industries as the company has specialties of making the truck models that are having clear and stronger exterior materials alongwith better styling. The C series, Coronado series, FLC series, FLB series, M2 Business Class series and FLD series are some of the most popular types of Semi trucks and also are having aggressive and amazing demands.

Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks are one of the most popular and leading semi truck manufacturers. The Company was found in 1900 and is having record of making semi trucks since last many decades. The most searched and preferred models of semi trucks that are manufactured by Mack are Construction series, Titan Heavy Duty series, Highway series, Refuse series and Military series. These are some of the trucks that are quite desperately sold by the Mack truck dealers and are also popular in the truck lovers as the used trucks for sale. The Mack Trucks are having record of selling the most semi trucks in USA than any of the other trucks.

So, these are the top 3 manufacturing companies of trucking world and also are having aggressive and amazing trucking business that can make the trucks for sale business more and more popular and pivotal. Also these companies are leading the business of used trucks in USA.

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